A downloadable Brackeys Game Jam #2

This is my first entry to any kind of competitions in game development, so I'm kinda shoked about what kind of games people can actually create in less than 5 days.

Anyway, this is my small game, which I want to update after gamejam with new levels and brand new storyline. Stay tuned :D


WASD or Arrow Keys - Movement

R - Restart

SPACE or Z - Jump

ESC - Exit Game


Blindfull Journey.rar 16 MB


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Help me I am stuck with these damn spikes at 1-1. The game seems sooo cool however.

Thank you for your comment, in post-jam version I will include more visible spikes and more levels! Hope you like this game!

Can you help me with the first level? I would like to finish it :D

Deleted 273 days ago

I've tried but I sucks or the game is too dark but it's a great game.